Export of dried fruits

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios, dried figs, dates and raisins in the world, and by using its production capacity, it can compete with other producing countries in the export of dried fruits such as pistachios. Iranian dried fruit is one of Iran’s best-selling products in the world, and 5% of Iran’s total export is related to dry fruit export. According to the available statistics, Iran’s dry fruit export exceeded two billion dollars last year.

Dried fruit export is one of the most profitable economic activities, which has taken an important place in Iran after the oil industry. Maybe when you hear the name “dried fruit”, the first thing that comes to your mind is nuts, pistachios and almonds. But the fact is that dried fruit does not end only with pistachios and almonds, but also includes all dried fruits and seeds.

Raisin export of Iran

Raisin export

Raisins are one of the products that are obtained by drying grapes and have great nutritional value. This product has different types. The reason for this variety is that there are many types of grapes. But one type of raisin that is more interested and in demand than other types is golden raisin. Iran has the third place after Turkey and America in the export of raisins (exports of Plovi raisins, exports of sunny raisins, exports of golden raisins, exports of Malayarand vineyard raisins).

Raisins are one of the most useful dried fruits obtained from grapes. This dry fruit is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins. Cashew produced in some regions of Iran is very high quality and is exported to different countries. Raisins for export account for a large part of Iran’s dry fruit exports, which we will discuss further.

Golden Raisin is the best type of Iranian export raisin

The golden raisin has a golden color and the reason for its name is the same. This product is also known by other names such as sour raisin and has various uses. It is good to know that this product not only has a great supply and demand in the domestic markets of Iran, but also has a special place in the world markets. Currently, we are witnessing an increase in the export of golden raisins to different countries of the world, especially the neighboring countries of Iran.

Golden raisins have different qualities and each type of this product has unique characteristics and are not the same. In the following, we will mention the types of golden raisins:

Grade 1 golden Raisins

This product is of excellent quality and has a major share in export markets. All the raisin seeds are healthy and there is no damage or even stain in them. Likewise, this product does not contain any waste or additional materials and is considered a clean and excellent raisin. For this reason, it is favored by customers abroad.

Grade 2 golden Raisins

Grade 2 golden raisins are also known as waste raisins and have special uses. This product is divided into types of seedless golden raisins and seeded raisins, and the seedless type of this product is more in demand.

Points that you should pay attention to when buying golden raisins

In this section, there are points that you should pay attention to when buying a golden necklace. These tips as a buying guide will lead to your maximum satisfaction from buying raisins. In fact, with their help, you can make smarter and better choices. But these points are:

Raisin softness

Although raisins are in the category of dried fruits, this does not mean that this fruit must be completely dry and hard. Rather, a good raisin should be soft while being dry. So that when you put it in your mouth, you don’t feel pressure on your teeth.

Iran’s golden raisin export

freshness of raisins

This product, with its fresh and refreshing color and glaze, will make you notice its freshness and you will realize that you are not dealing with old raisins. Of course, apart from the appearance of raisins, you can also notice the freshness of raisins by its taste and aroma.

No stickiness

A fresh raisin has no stickiness and does not suffer from sugar, mold or even worm infestation.

Not having a stem

Golden raisins are good and first class without stems and make your work easier. Because you will no longer need to clean the product and separate the stems.

Package or bulk

Note that a good golden raisin is not just a package. But there are also bulk products that are of the same quality and satisfy your need to buy a good raisin.

Getting to know the best type of golden raisin

Currently, different regions of Iran are producing and supplying golden raisins. But the city of Malayarhas contributed the most in the production of golden raisins. This region has been able to achieve this success due to having suitable climate and weather conditions for the production of raisins. So, if you want to buy high-quality golden raisins, make it a priority.

Great benefits and properties of golden raisins

Isn’t it better to get some information about the properties and benefits of golden raisins? If you want to know what amazing properties are hidden in this product, stay with us to get answers to your questions.

  • This product has antioxidant properties and helps prevent cancer.
  • For people with high blood pressure, raisins are an excellent prescription and work better than any blood pressure pill.
  • This product has valuable compounds such as iron and plays an important role in compensating for anemia, especially in women.
  • Consuming raisins removes body infections and cures body inflammations completely.
  • This wonderful product is even effective in relieving mental discomforts such as stress.

Tips on keeping golden raisins

After buying golden raisins, you should take good care of them. In fact, by following these tips, you can help maintain the freshness and quality of raisins and use them for a longer period of time and you will not have any kind of period. The points that you should pay attention to when storing golden raisins are given below:

  • Try to avoid keeping raisins in a bright space. Because raisins need a dim or dark space to stay healthy.
  • Be sure to store raisins in closed containers. This prevents the penetration of dust, moisture and other factors into the container and makes the raisins last longer.
  • You can store this product in the cabinet drawers. Of course, on the condition that the desired environment is cool.
  • The best way to preserve the freshness of golden raisins is to store them in the refrigerator.

Types of Iran’s export raisins

Different raisins are exported from Iran to other countries. Vineyard raisins, Malayar raisins, Bownet raisins, Golden raisins, Soltani, Tizabi, Ploui, etc. are from this category

Several cities in Iran export this product to other countries due to the production of quality raisins. These cities have been able to become famous by exporting high-quality raisins in Iran and other countries of the world. Malayar and Takstan are among the cities that are known for the excellent quality of their raisins. Although all kinds of raisins are produced for export in Iran, the export of Malayar and vineyard raisins has always been the priority of traders. Below are the types of raisins exported by Iran:

  • Kinds of vineyard raisins
  • Types of raisins
  • Bownet Raisins
  • Golden Raisin
  • Soltani raisins
  • Black Raisin
  • sour raisin
  • Danish raisins
  • Piloui Raisins

Iran’s golden raisin export

Malayer raisins and its export

MalayarRaisin is at the top of Iran’s export raisin, which has taken the first place in the world markets. Malayaris known as the world city of grapes and produces various types of export raisins such as Malayaracid raisin, super gold raisin, sultani raisin, regular raisin. Most of the raisins of this city are exported abroad, such as the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Latin American countries
  • European countries
  • Emirates
  • Iraq
  • Diameter
  • Persian Gulf countries

Malayarraisins are also used inside Iran, but the quality of exported raisins is much higher than domestic raisins.

Vineyard raisins and its export

Takestan is one of the most beautiful cities in Qazvin province, which, as its name suggests, is the cradle of grapes. The vineyard is considered the second grape city in Iran and the world after Malair. The culture of the vineyard city is also derived from grapes. Raisins produced in the city of Takstan, which are among Iran’s export raisins, have many fans in foreign countries such as Russia and Ukraine and East Asian countries. Among the most famous raisins of this city, we can mention Pelavi and Soltani raisins.

Raisin export

The sultani and piloui raisins of the vineyard have many applicants throughout Iran. A large part of Iran’s raisin production volume is devoted to the production of golden raisins. When the raisin becomes golden raisin, due to the taste of the Iranian people, it will not be sold inside the country, and 100% of it must be exported. Also, currently 60-70% of the raisins available in the market are golden raisins. Therefore, the export of this type of raisins is very important.

Sunny Raisin

In the production of this type of raisin, the grapes are immersed in hot water immediately after harvesting and then dried in the sun. This raisin has many applicants in other countries.

Tifi Raisin

Tifi usually refers to a group of products that are transformed into raisins by boiling water. Different grapes are immersed in a strong water solution and after drying, they give tifi raisins.

Yellow or smoky raisins

These raisins turn smoky by using sulfur gas. In the process of making them, burning, smoking and air flow are used to prepare them for export.

Many countries want to buy golden raisins and import Iranian raisins. The demand for consumption of golden raisins is very high, of course, provided that we also know our target market and know which countries consume this type of raisins and what are their standards for import?

Golden raisins (California) of Iran for export

Almost 50 types of raisins are produced in Iran and these raisins can be turned into golden raisins by smoking them. The highest statistics of Iran’s raisin exports are related to Iran’s neighboring countries. It can be said that all neighboring countries of Iran are importers of Iranian golden raisins.

Iran’s golden raisin export

Dried fruit export rules

The export of dried fruits, like the export of any other goods, requires compliance with a series of rules, which are usually set by the destination country. Although each country may have its own laws, usually the laws related to packaging, production and processing of dry fruits are fixed laws, which are mentioned below:

  • The name of the product should be written completely on the packaging.
  • If additives are used in the production and processing of the product, it should be clearly written on the product specifications.
  • If the dried fruit for export is nuts, it should be specified whether it is skinned or not.
  • If the product has seeds (such as dates), it must be stated whether it is with or without seeds.
  • One of the most important information is the specification and production date, which should be written both on the packaging and on the product label.
  • Some dried fruits such as raisins and apricot leaves require a standard certificate.

Raisin export

Export of dry fruits to Europe

The largest dry fruit market can be found in the European Union. More than 40% of the world’s dried fruit imports are from the European Union. France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are the four countries that import the most dried fruits. Germany is the largest importer of dried fruit and the United Kingdom is the largest importer of dried fruit.

The food safety certificate is one of the most important certificates required for the export of dried fruit to Europe, and without this certificate it is practically impossible to trade in Europe. The next certificate that is important for the European Union is the certificate of organic products and environmental protection.




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